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In the heart of the old city of Skiathos, it appears as if the luxury of the past stumbles upon the liveliness of a modern era. In 1869, the Captain and Lord of the island built what has been meant to be the sole, preserved to this date, villa. In order to build the mansion in question, he carried both stone and clay from the island of Tinos using fishing boats.

The old villa, was bought by its current owners, namely Spiros and Vasso, in 1989, who recently proceeded to its renovation whilst respecting its history and architecture and maintaining its entire external aspect with a sense of utter respect and love to elements of tradition setting a peripheral well-attended garden, to add up to it as a finishing touch to the overall aesthetics.

It is in this place, where one can relive the simplicity and beauty that cannot be, even remotely, met in the city. One is not to encounter a tad of contemporary trait yet is meant to be fascinated by the traditional feel of the surrounding area. The combination of the both old and traditional features, transpire into rock and wood building up to the hospitable Stone Villa 1869.

Stone Villa 1869, is only 4 minutes away by foot from the old harbor, where small boats set off to some of the most famous beaches of the island whist it is only 10 minutes away by foot from the renowned beach, Megali Ammos (Great Sand). The harbor, the taverns, both the bars and the stores, the bus station and the taxi piazza are only 7 to 15 minutes away by foot.

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