Megali Ammos beach (Great Sand) – How to get there

It is 8 minutes away from Stone Villa 1869 and it is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the island.  It spreads approximately 2 klms long and reaches its end in Vasilias beach (Kings’ beach). In Megali Ammos beach (Great Sand), one can enjoy the clear blue water, local delicacies in nearby quaint taverns and ouzo kiosks.

Other amazing beaches

Skiathos has been internationally acclaimed for its magnificent clean beaches. It has more than 79 outstanding beaches and a fascinating green landscape. Each of the beaches presents unique grace and beauty covering a wide spectrum of a tourist’s preferences. Most of its beaches come with easy access by car whereas some others remain a concealed secret that one needs to discover. The local transportation’s departure station is in the main land and it stops by 24 stations, until the terminal station and the most famous beach of all, namely Koukounaries. In the summer, bus routes are scheduled approximately every 10 min. Most beaches provide a siege set up, access to water sports facilities and taverns. There is also an option for one to go on a trip around the island but also visit a complex of smalls islands, such as the small and large Tsougria, using small boats which depart from the harbor of Skiathos.


This is most probably the best beach in the island as it comes with a limited human access. Its name derives from its round white cobbles that the locals call lalaria. Access is possible only by boat that perform daily routes.


Don’t let its name fool you. It is neither filthy nor one will come across any stagnant water. It is a beautiful beach of a large acreage, surrounded by nature, an amazing sea water and a breathtaking sunset. Should one use the local transportation, the beach is about 15 minutes by foot from Vromolimnos station.


This beach is automatically connected to the island of Skiathos. Its acreage is over 1 klm long with many beach bars, restaurants and pine trees. Access is easy either by a car or by local transportation (terminal station).


One of the best beaches in the island. It is divided in Big Banana (for the majority of tourists) and Small Banana (for nudists only). This beach does not come short of a fully blossomed nature surrounding it, a clean sparkling water sea and a breathtaking sunset that one should not miss out on. It is near Koukounaries beach, in a distance approximately 10-15 minutes by foot and through a dirt road.

Agia Eleni

The beautiful sandy beach of Agia Eleni is located 14 kilometers southwest of the town of Skiathos at the western end of the island, about a kilometer west of Koukounaries. The name derives from the chapel that stands out with the white color between the dense green of the trees, the blue of the sea and golden sand.

Krifi Ammos (Hidden Sand)

The tiny sandy beach of Kryfi Ammos (meaning “the hidden sand” in Greek), a beach of breathtaking beauty, is situated at a distance of some 15 kilometers western to the town of Skiathos at the western end of the island, some 2 kilometers western to Koukounaries. It owes its name to the fact that is totally invisible, literally hidden behind low hills and rocks. 
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